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Osaka, Japan

Pacific Marks Nishi-Umeda 2-6-20-4F Umeda, kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 530-0001

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is just a few of our most asked questions. If you cannot find the answer to your question, please feel free to contact us.


Can I trust a car bought sight-unseen?

With us, you can! We only purchase vehicles in excellent condition. Each car in our inventory goes through a strict initial inspection for safety, drivability, and cosmetic quality.

If we are not 100% confident in the vehicle, we send the car to the auction.We are also highly transparent about the quality of our vehicles, and we provide every customer with an over-the-phone inspection - which includes pictures, video, and a video call.


How do I import a JDM car?

We've sold and shipped over 40 cars to countries around the world. We pride ourselves on creating an easy and streamlined shipping process for our customers. Please click the "Shipping A Car" button below to see the steps involved.

Shipping A Car

I cant find the car I'm looking for?

We can find you any vehicle - typically at auction. We only need two pieces of information: the car you want and your max bid amount (you must pay the auction within 48 hours). Please click the "Find A Car" button below to begin the process of finding your dream car.

Find A Car

If you need to import a car from Japan, working with an experienced, insured, and registered dealership like Zap Auto Export will guarantee your vehicle will be transported safely and securely. With over 40 cars exported from Japan, we make the process easy and affordable.

How to ship a car

  1. Find a car. We can help you find any vehicle, whether at our dealership or an auction. Click below to see our inventory.

    Explore Our Inventory
  2. Contact us to set up a thorough over-the-phone inspection. We will you send pictures, videos and do a video call.

  3. If you are happy and would like to purchase the vehicle, We will send you an invoice to secure the car.

  4. Then, we will handle the process of sending the vehicle to your port. Please anticipate the shipping cost to be around $3,000 (which will be included in the initial invoice). The shipping cost includes an inspection, transportation to customs, customs clearance, export certificate, marine insurance, shipping of the vehicle, and transport documentation.

  5. You will need to arrange a broker to deliver the vehicle from the port to your location. We can refer many reputable brokers. 
    * the broker will charge you a separate import and delivery fee.

  6. Register and title your new car - just like any other vehicle.